Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pray 4 Rockwall

Pray 4 Rockwall
As the summer season approaches we have begun an effort to pray for our city. 
We understand that the most powerful tool we have to affect our city is prayer. Everything we do at Landmark Fellowship will rise or fall upon our commitment to pray.
Pray 4 Rockwall will be organized in 4 ways: 

1) We will place a prayer door-hanger on every home in our area.

2) We will pray for needs of anyone who:
- calls: (972) 961-4960

3) We will pray for collected requests in our Sunday morning service. 

4) We are dedicating time each week to specifically pray for our local neighborhoods.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here's the text of our latest effort to invite our neighbors to visit Landmark. If you are visiting this site and live here in the Rockwall, TX area, please accept this invitation. We would love to share what God is doing with you and your family.


December 12, 2011

Dear Neighbor,

Hello, from the newest church in Rockwall, TX! As pastor of Landmark Fellowship, I would like to introduce myself and invite you to join us. We have been holding services for just over four months. We began on August 7, 2011, and we have been growing ever since!

Landmark Fellowship is a family-centered church, and we would love for you to visit and experience the power and presence of God.

Sunday mornings are a special time of worship and teaching, beginning at 10:30 a.m. At Landmark we sing a blend of modern worship choruses, along with established church hymns. Then we move into a time of teaching and preaching the Word of God. It is our belief that the Word of God is as powerful and relevant in this contemporary time as it has ever been.

Wednesdays are dedicated to children. Children’s Church is a great time of singing, puppets, clowns, and games. We start promptly at 7:00 p.m. and are finished by 8:00 p.m., with transportation available for your convenience. So please let us know if your child is interested.

Each Tuesday evening we have a group meeting where we discuss the end-time prophecies of the Bible. Perhaps you would like to join us as we enjoy the teaching of Rev. Irvin Baxter.

With the holidays upon us, we simply want to let you know that we are here. We would be honored to have you come visit us during the next few days and weeks.

On December 24, we will be having a special Christmas Eve service. It will be a warm time of carols, celebration, and communion beginning at 6:00 p.m. until 7:15 p.m.

You may visit our website at and join our monthly newsletter for more updates and information if you are interested.

We pray the Lord’s richest blessings upon you and yours.


Rev. Lee E. Wells, Pastor

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Friends:

Here's the body of a thank-you letter that I was privileged to send to almost 30 friends. Each have been a great help to us. We are blessed! God is doing some big things for us!

Landmark Fellowship has been holding services now for 10 weeks! It took a while for the dream to open up; but once it began to happen, it has exploded!

I am writing today to thank you. We have been able to do so much very quickly because of your help, along with the help of others. Your generosity and understanding are enabling us to see great success.

Here’s an idea of what God is doing at Landmark Fellowship. In the past four weeks we have averaged over twenty in our mid-week service, with a record attendance of 27! Our Sunday service consists of a strong core group who are committed and working diligently to see the church established.

This past Sunday we hosted a Friends Day. We had a great day of worship and preaching followed by a complimentary lunch with activities for the children. With 34 there we broke all attendance records while seeing three new families experience a life-changing service at Landmark Fellowship!

On October 20th Landmark Fellowship is excited to host an EndTime Prophecy Conference at the Rockwall County Library, where we are expecting hundreds of interested people to attend. Our prayer is that at least twenty families will sign up for Landmark Fellowship’s Tuesday Bible Study. This will allow people to come to our church to learn more about Bible prophecy as well as other important biblical truths.

Our goal is simple - we must tell every person in our area about Jesus Christ. Our dream is big - to build a church for Jesus Christ. With over 80,000 people to reach, it is no easy task. But with God, and friends like you, all things are possible. Thank you for everything you have done for us. We are grateful for your support!

Please continue in prayerful support of Landmark Fellowship. We are praying the Lord’s richest blessings upon you and yours.

Thanks again,

Pastor Lee Wells

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

7 Things a Young Church Should Remember

As the pastor of a brand new church in Rockwall, Texas, I have been thinking about things a little differently.

This post is from a message I taught last week to our young church. Maybe someone could draw some strength from these points as well.

It is so easy to see the negative in the world if we choose to allow it to become our focus. The first thing we must do as a young church is:

1) Stay Positive.

Philippians 4:8 teaches us that we should think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and things that are of a good report. We should think on things that add virtue and not take virtue away.

2) Keep faith alive.

Luke 18: 8 reminds us that when the Son of Man comes, he will be looking to find faith on the earth.

3) Never Neutral.

As a young church we can never afford to shift our spiritual life into neutral. Chrysler has an ad campaign right now that simply says: Never Neutral. I like it. Let's remember it each day and apply it to our hearts and lives. There is no time for coasting, no time for idleness to take over the church. We should never shift into neutral.

4) Prayer Wins!

Ephesians 6 shares the design of our spiritual warfare. We are to be equipped with God's protection each day. We are not battling the things of flesh, we do not fight people or the things we can see, but we war against the enemy of our soul though prayer. The Lord grants us the win when we fight the spiritual battle His way through Prayer!

5) Reach.

The only reason our young church exist today is to reach into the lives of people who are needing more of God. There are enough religions, churches, and social helps in the world, but not enough people willing to really reach into the lives of others. We are here to reach every soul we can for Jesus Christ. The day we quit reaching is the day we discontinue fulfilling the great commission given to us by Jesus Christ himself.

6) Give.

We must be givers. We must share with our community those talents God has given each of us. The only limitation that we see limiting our blessings is the amount of giving we allow ourselves to give. Luke 6:38 says, Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

7) Understand Seasons.

Everything has it's own time to grow and develop into what God intends for it to be. Nothing that God creates is expected to be fully developed overnight. Ecclesiastes 3:1 explains that to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to circumvent seasons and hurry along a process God has established. Don't frustrate yourself.

Take the pressure off of yourself. Live for God with all of your heart. Let God build His church.
If we are available to grow and mature in Christ, He will bring the increase into our lives and church, in due season.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Beauty of Holiness

We have been in the Birmingham/Talladega area of Alabama for a couple of weeks now. My wife and I are really enjoying the beauty of the mountains along with the trees, flowers and lakes. It's just beautiful here at this time of year.

Right behind the church where we are parked, there is a great view of the mountains. You know, the kind of view people pay hundreds of dollars to see from a cabin or lodge window. The funny thing is, when we mention the beauty of this area to the locals they brush it off by saying, "That's just the way it is here."

As awe-inspiring as we find the beauty that surrounds us, those who have grown up here see it as ordinary and pedestrian.

Today my mind goes to those things I have grown up with in my life. The surroundings of my life, such as: The church services. The prayer meetings. The Saturday outreach efforts. The time spent at church camp and holiday youth convention. The Sunday School teachers. The Pastors we have been privileged to submit ourselves. The youth pastors. The nights spent in prayer. The days spent working and cleaning around the church. The precious moments spent teaching a Bible study. The wonderful feeling of allowing the Lord room to speak a conviction into your spirit. The times I have watched my parents weep in an altar.

All of these beautiful things could become, "just the way it was," if I am not careful.

Then I am reminded of the stories my parents have related about their childhood. The stories of a father treated wrongly by his father, and the way he had to leave home at 15 just to make something of his life. Stories of a failed marriage, and a daughter who was taken from him and never allowed to be in his life. I am reminded of the tales of nights on dance-floors and mornings with hangovers.

I am reminded today, of the almost two-year search my mom and dad went on to find the truth about God and His promised help for whosoever thirsts. As they waded through the falsehoods, formalities, and word-games of the denominational leaders. Which led them nowhere. Then only to find out later that these 'trusted men of God' knew the correct answers to their questions all along, but would have jeopardized their positions if they spoke the truth of being baptized in Jesus name, or the true power of being filled with the Holy Ghost-evidenced with speaking in other tongues.

So today I am relishing the beauty of the life I get to live. I never want to lose the beauty of what I have been given just because I grew up in it. There have been many go before me that have suffered to be able to hand my generation an understanding of living in the beauty of holiness.

I refuse to lose the appreciation of what we have today. Contrary to popular belief, holiness is not ordinary nor pedestrian; it is a beautiful surrounding, and a gorgeous habitation that many would give their life to have if they could just see it for themselves.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Favor of God? It doesn't feel favorable...

The in-thing today seems to be a constant talk of being "highly favored" and how that gives us all the things we want in life.

Some will say things like this is my season of God's favor... So I will not be sick, I will not need anything, only good is coming my way, etc.

However, when I look at the people God favors, I don't see a "rosebed" life.

Joseph was highly favored, by both his earthly father and heavenly father- but his life was anything but easy.

Noah was as favored as anyone could have been- but he was dealt a life of toil and a ministry of ineffective preaching.

Job, the most blessed man to walk the earth in his day. A life of blessing and increase, highly favored of God. But we know the rest of his story.

Moses was a man who was hand-picked and born with favor upon him, but the life he lead was not one of royalty and ease.

Daniel- a man who with the great favor of God found himself face-to-face with hungry lions.

Mary was highly favored above all women, and she had one of the most unpleasant lives a mother could lead.

John the Baptist- talk about favor, to be hand-picked as the forerunner of Jesus Christ. To lead the way and baptize Jesus himself. But we know the end of this life of favor as well.

Jesus Christ- if favor could exist it would have to be in him. But he had a life none of us would really want... Right?

Steven, Paul, Peter, John... You know it is hard to find anyone who was a difference-maker in the kingdom, without this thing called favor.

In my own life I have questioned many of the events that I have had to face. None that I felt I had deserved, but in hindsight it simply looks like favor.

No one could possibly know the pains, hurts, seeming misfortunes that I have faced. Just like I could not know yours... But at the end of the day, it was my choice to be placed on a potter's wheel, it was my fervent prayers that demanded to be used in the kingdom of heaven, on earth. It was me that asked for the favor of God, he chose to honor my plea.

The course is set, I must decrease so that He can increase. I must be placed in what seems a prison in order to be able to preach a gospel of freedom. I must carry the greatest truth in this world, or any other. I can only do it with the favor of God. Even if favor means pain, suffering and injustice. I am honored to be called worthy of His divine favor.

If this post is unsightly to your spirit, please do not pray to be different, never pray for the favor of God upon your life and ministry. You will never be happy until you come to the great revelation of what the favor of God really is. Favor is the process He uses to make you into a weapon of mass destruction aimed at the forces of hell. It is what makes the difference between soldiers of the Cross and spectators of the Cross.

Unfortunatly, favor is not a pain-free ticket to paradise, but it is a life full of joy. Jesus said he went to the cross... "for the joy set before him."

Most may not understand this post, but I hope to understand it more and more each day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Problem with Perfection

As you can see, it has been over a year since I have taken the time to update this blog site.

I have been alive this whole time, I have been online all the while, and believe it or not, I have continued writing the entire year... I have just not been posting here on this page... my own page!

I believe in perfection. It is part of my internal makeup. I try my best to do things with the very best of my ability. SO, you ask, what does this have to do with a neglected blog? Well, I have felt that if I could not submit the perfect blog post, I just would not do it at all. For this I apologize.

Something is always better than nothing. The problem with perfection is, many times something is nothing because it just can't be perfect.

I am vowing today, to begin again, and to update this blog at least once every month... and if I fail, I will try again the next month... and the next. :o)